Photography - Classic GOLD 1960 Ford Thunderbird - 20180830

in photography •  3 months ago

This is a Classic GOLD 1960 Ford Thunderbird - Midwest, USA


Just a few quick photos of a Classic GOLD 1960 Ford Thunderbird . . .


  • Classic GOLD 1960 Ford Thunderbird . . .


  • Classic GOLD 1960 Ford Thunderbird . . .

Midwest, USA - Classic GOLD 1960 Ford Thunderbird

Photos taken by me . . . . .

by @goldkey

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My friend, you have the most amazing collection of photos of colored classic cars. You must spend hours on the streets just to catch them... :=)


Yeah, I have a LOT of photos. I think this one was from 2002. This car was just on the street on a summer day and I took some pictures.
I used to go to an annual event of classic cars with thousands of cars just cruising a 20 mile strip. I have lots and lots and lots of photos.
I often just snap some photos with my cell phone when I see anything interesting.
I hope to get a real DSLR camera to get better scenic photos... and of course, better close-ups on silver and gold coins.


Now I know where these photos come from. Do you have a collection of flowers photos, too?


I do not have a collection of flowers. These photos of flowers are recent.

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Really you have nice vision about photography.Good post, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the compliment