My photos!

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Hello all!

Today I would like to introduce some of my photos,so hopefully you can get to know me better and see what we might have as common interests, with what I love doing every day.

And now I am pleased to invite you to have a look to my photos :-)

Photo exposition:
Exposure time - 100 s
Diaphragm - f/1.9
ISO - 40

This photograph shows one of the painted graffiti images in the Danube Canal. Graffiti combines cold and neutral colors.It shows the wolf howling near the city.

Photo exposition:
Exposure time - 145 s
Diaphragm - f/1.9
ISO - 40

This picture shows the wooden houses on the Danube.

Photo exposition:
Exposure time - 60 s
Diaphragm - f/4
ISO - 3200

This photo shows the lobby of the Brigittenau hostel.

Thank you for reviewing my photos. I hope that you liked it. We will see in the next post ;-)

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apni to onek sundor photo capture korte paren.

love how you document all the camera settings, I do not know much about photography but I am sure that this helps your learning process
I would like to see some experimentation with the settings , push the limits to see if you get some unique effects.
I know about ac cool experiment, that a friend of mine did on her printed photographies
she splashed them with acetone, and took photos of the ever changing effects , until the acetone dries the inks in the print move and change colors so I think you guys could play and make some interesting timelapse