Steemit Macro 6 - A Bumblebee on a beautiful blossom - Un abejorro en una flor hermosa - 在一個美麗的花大黃蜂 3 HQ Pictures

Steemit Macro 6 - A Bumblebee on a beautiful blossom - Un abejorro en una flor hermosa -


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great pics!

Wow.. Very nice my friend :-)


Thank you my friend


You are welcome

Stunning photos of beautiful bees. So fantastically detailed.


Thank you very much @katdvine

Phenomenal shots. I love bees those little fellow always make my day my dear friend . :))) Up an resteem


Thank you very much for your gladly comment and resteemed my dear.greetings from Sicily


You are so welcome I like beauty so I think there is nonsense to explain why I like your post ;))) Have a wonderful weekend ;)))

Amazing shots and I love the bumblebee 😊 never seen one like that before.


Thank you very much @saffisara


My pleasure 😊 really amazing. Have a wonderful day

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Amazing macro!


Thank you my dear

Lovely image, will resteem this to get you some more attention :)
Not very busy here myself lately but i do check in from time to time!


You are very gladly my friend.Thank you very much.Have a nice day.Greetings from Sicily

Thanks for nice pics..
Keep the good work..
Sorry for delay with checking your posts
The last days I was not able to read your latest posts as I start to read with high difficulty because of My Trigeminal Neuralgia ..
But I will try to fight the pain and keep going..