I Decided To Share Those Pictures For Any Usage - Now this work is licensed under a Creative Commons CCZero

in photography •  11 months ago

You can use those pictures like your own. CC0 means you can post them, print them, photoshop or paint them and yes, you don't even have to mention my name when doing so.
Those pictures are only the beginning and if you like the idea, I will share more pictures with CC0.
Authors like @alexandravart , @slothicorn & @ashleykalila engaged me to make my first steps into the world of the creative commons.
I hope this will even inspire some of you to share your art the same way and hopefully, we are going to grow our database of Creative Commons here because I think the value and potential it gives to our community is big. Now I'm curious what you guys think.

Would you consider releasing CC art or using it yourself?
Do you want me to post more CC0 pictures?
Do you think the #cc0 will have a future here on steemit?





Gentlehuman Brand (2).jpg

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Beautiful pictures! <3
With quality like this...it would be nice not to rely on pixabay stock quite so much :D


Thank you! <3

Are this for free commercial use too?


Yes, with CC0 I gave up all the rights I had as the creator :)


That's a cool idea. As a long in the tooth photographer I have many images I wouldn't mind being, in fact would like to be, used. I'll look into this myself, thanks!