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In December 2014, I swam with whale sharks. this is a huge sharks are harmless, they eat plankton. swimming takes place early in the morning - need to have time to arrive before 9 am. At that time the cost was 1000 pesos. now 1000 pesos is ~ $ 20. it is geographically located in Oslob. it is South of the island of Cebu (Philippines), but can reach this destination and from the island of Panglao, this option is most preferable for tourists as beautiful beaches on Panglao combined with the opportunity to visit many excursions. About these excursions, I will tell more later

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Wow. Amazing pictures.


Thank you a lot )

Whaoo its amazing. Thank you for sharing!

Wow. Ang ganda!

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Amazing! They are such gentle giants. Thank you for sharing @gefa.


thank you @myday for such high praise, and thanks for the feedback. now I look at your blog and I will take your example and try to keep the high standards.


Thats great to hear!

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This isn't something I would really like to do! Thanks for posting and sharing the information! I will have to include it on my bucket list!


Thank you a lot i like it very much!

Hi @gefa! kabayan? following.. great pics!!!


me too thank you very much )

Amazing Pictures

Nope...not me....ever....

Wow! Hindi ba sila nakakatakot?