This is Ginger! But looks like an Animal's Face!

in #photography4 years ago

Hi Friends... Here I am with a fun blog with the photos of this ginger, which looks like an animal's face, either of a deer or a goat!


I got this ginger from my home 'garden. Had digged for a one inch long piece. Then after using a portion of it for the curry this much of it remained. It looked like an animal's face for my eyes, so enjoy the pics which I could capture using my smartphone Honor!




I am here after a short break as my Dad is not doing well and I have to visit my parents frequently. Hope everyone is doing great.

With much love and regards, @geetharao...


It resembles rabbit + deer :P

Ha! You don't eat deer. Do you?

My wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad!

This really just like rabbit good.

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Wowow....animal faced quite interesting...seems there is some more.species hidden in your check out for the animal kingdom😉

Hello geetharao!

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That's a rabbit. LoL

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Actually, I think it looks like a moose, which is a big deer here in the U.S. Hoping your family will be well.

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