Red Hibiscus from my Garden #Colorchallenge

in photography •  3 months ago

Hi Friends.... This hibiscus plant gives more flowers in the rainy season, may be because it gets good watering upto it's roots!.

There is a Red Hibiscus plant in our garden and today morning I was much pleased to see half a dozen of flowers, beautifully blooming!!.


So... Here I am with some pics which I could capture using my smartphone Honor... :)






The plant looked so colorful and beautiful with lots of flowers!

Hope you liked this post, With much love and regards, @geetharao...

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You are the most talented women i have ever seen,btw you keeps everything simple i think your heart is as beautiful as these flowers.

Wow beautifully blooming and nice photography @geetharao

Very very beautiful red hibiscus flowers.Your presentation is also very beautiful.How are you ,my dear friend ?


Am fine Maya.... How are you and your children?


We are also good dear.Thanks and lots of love to you.Have a happy time ahead.

India has so many beautiful and rare types of flowers

Those photos look amazing.
It shows the beauty of the flowers.
One thing that I love seeing is the raindrops.
The raindrops was able to amplify its beauty
Thank you so much for sharing this!
Have a great day!

diindonesia hibiscus flowers are now rarely found

This came out so bright and colorful! Very pretty. =) all are cheerful picture ^^


Keep it up
Many thanks indeed
I'm @pranto from "North Bengal"

Mam,i have exactly done the same way you planted. And also new tender leafs are growing but they are shedding day by day, i have also placed the cutting pieces under partial sunlight and kept them moisturized all the time.. I observed few insects on its leafs few days back so i sprayed dilluted garlic juice on them.
please suggest me a possible solution for the leaf shedding problem.

P.S:- Also suggest how can i add protein to the cuttings for their faster growth.

Really extraordinary shots
Spectacular view


Here we get organic manure in the nurseries nearby. Am using only that, and I never use chemicals. But sometimes some insects do eat the leaves and buds. Can't help....

had my 1st introduction to plants within the mallow genus once I was a boy. Rose-of-Sharon was a standard grounds ligneous plant within the piedmont region of Virginia wherever I grew up, even as it's here in Western North geographical region.

In mid-summer, my cousins and that i would amuse ourselves by housing massive bumblebees within the flowers. No problem: simply expect a bee to penetrate the rear a part of the blossom then seal the petals shut along with your fingertips. we tend to should not have had heaps amusement choices previously, since we tend to spent heaps of our time harassing bumblebees during this manner.

Even then, I detected the peculiar structure of the rose-of-Sharon blossoms, however it wasn’t till shortly that I daunted to seek out out additional concerning them and also the alternative members of the mallow genus, that belong to the Malvaceae of plants.

All mallows show 5 petals, inside that the male reproductive structure components ar united to make an extended tube (or “staminal column”) that surrounds the feminine components. Ptd

Hibiscuse is my fevorite flower best ever.
Nice photography thank you.

bunga merah yang menarik.

Very beautiful Hibiscus flowers, thank you ma'am for sharing.

nice looking plants and flowers,
smart photography

Gorgeous red color flower.Beautiful.

Verry nice flowers good job

This hibiscus is a beautiful flower. I did not know it was to be watered abundantly. Thank you!

Bright red enough to brighten your day!

Wonderful Photographs you are such a great asset to community.

Wow dear what a lovely hibiscus 😍 and very nice photography too. Thanks for visiting my blog 😊 I have followed you :-)

Beautiful color😉😉

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Very nice shot Geeta ji. This flower tree is very beautiful. Hibiscus' leaves and flowers both are very attractive.

Beautiful shades of nature!
Ye flowers bhagwan shiv pe chadhaye jate hai... Unke priye hai ye..

Superb... Red roses shining all around... Relaxing motivative pic.

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What flowers are very beautiful and interesting if there is always on the yard of the house because flowers will also decorate our home page I really like @geetharao