Hi It's Epiphyllum or Brahma Kamal!!...

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Yes my dear Friends... This is a very beautiful flower and most commonly known as Brahma Kamal in India and it's Botanical name is Epiphyllum.....

Here I am with a few photos of the beautiful flower in full bloom.... This year the plant gave only one flower, day before yesterday.



Next few pics were taken in the year 2006 using our camera Pentax... I am having those hard copies now. And I took the photographs of those old photos using my smartphone Honor. This plant was quite big and healthy then. As I gave it's many leaves to my friends and relatives, it lost it's original beauty and became thin and started giving less flowers.






You can see the date in this photo, that is :18th June 2006!!



And this flower is also called as Night Queen or Oxypetalum. It belongs to the Orchid - Cactus family. It has got a very good - sweet smell, a combined fragrance of so many flowers. (Rose, Jasmine, Champaka or Magnolia). Yes, the fragrance of this flower reminds us of the atmosphere inside a Temple!!

To get a plant of this flower, we have to plant a leaf. We can get flowers from 2nd or 3rd year onwards, in between June and September, which means it blooms once a year in the rainy season!!. The bud actually takes 15 to 18 days to grow fully and blooms one evening after the Sunset between 7.30 pm to 9 pm. It closes on it's own by morning, before Sunrise....

As I told earlier, @chetanshetty is the first one to answer this question...

So... dear @chetanshetty, Congratulations!!.... You will be getting my 3 upvotes from Monday onwards, (as my voting power is low now, you have to wait until Monday!)...one upvote per day....

Thank you so much all my dear steemian friends, for reading my blog and answering my question, though it was just for fun....

Thank you @pranto, @steemrobot and @a-O-abul for giving some interesting facts about this plant.

Here I have to mention one thing. Some of you are replying using Partiko Android app. But since I am posting through esteem app only, I am not in a position to reply you as my esteem app hangs or stucks while posting. So for those who are using Partiko Android, I am not in a position to answer or write any reply. :(...

Have a great weekend, Friends...

With much love from Mangalore, @geetharao...

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Congratulations to my friend @chetanshetty for your brilliant answer.These pics are so lovely and beautiful my dear friend @geetharao ,you are really a fantastic blogger.Hugs and love to my sweet friend,stay happy always.


Thanks mam @maya7 , 🙏


Hi dear @maya7.... Thank you so much, Take care, love and hugs to you too... :)

Your quiz are always wonderful and interesting. I like these quiz.
I don't know the flower name, so didn't participate in it.
You made very good & detailed post for answer of quiz. Well done.


Thank you so much for reading my blog @veganomics... :)

wow,really very excellent photography of flower. i am first time listening this flower Brahma Kamal.because my country not available this flower.you always capturing every picture very perfectly.its your big quality one of them and i am learning everyday to see your photography post..you are a big master of photography its expressed doing your giving photography post.thanks tobsharing for your great thought post of photography..very well done.may god bless you..my dear friend.. @geetharao

When i was in Manglooo there i saw this flower but not blowing it was blowing at midnight very few people see this i am very thank ful to see this.

Nice photography @geetharao
Thank you!

I just love them but the best part of this flower is the smell. They smell heavenly. My mother has so many of these that they are always some blooming. We were always told that the name was "চিস্ট ইন মার্জর" the inside of the flower looks just like a star hanging over a little clump of hay with the manger.

Thanks @geetharao mentioned me...
Love lots @pranto

There is usually a tradition that follows whenever Brahma kamal blossoms you usually pray to it on that lucky day, celebrate and distribute sweets in to the neighbourhood. At least that is what we did back in the old days when we had it.

This plant requires only a leaf to germinate and always should be taken special care, as it is considered to bring good fortune whenever its flowers blossom.

Thanks mam @geetharao

Thanks mam.

I missed your last post ma'am, congratulations to the winner.

i am lot of time lising about the flower, bt first time show the photo.

Hi @geetharao did you took this photo ?


Yes, in 2006 using our old camera Pentax... Wait... I'll load more pics in my blog... :)

flowers are very beautiful and very beautiful especially when they are in bloom