Decorative Palm Tree in Beautiful Red and Green! #Smartphonephotography

in photography •  5 months ago

Hi Friends.... There are so many varieties of Palm Trees in this Nature of which I have seen a very few ones.

Some bear fruits, which are edible and some others are just for decorative purposes.


I came across this palm tree today near a grocery store, and found it much rare and beautiful!

The stem of this tree is in orange-red color and the leaves are lush green... :)

So enjoy these pictures...





All these pics were taken using my smartphone Honor.

With much love, @geetharao...

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You are a true blogger,wherever you see the rare things you clicked it with your smartphone,the picture quality of your camera is very good.Every pic looks so beautiful and lively ,good job my dear friend.Much love and sweet wishes.


Thank you so much my dear friend @maya7... :)

your photography skills always fantastic.this is a brilliant shots photography..your capturing pamp trees looks very impressible.because green always big part one of them our nature environment and you sharing this types colour post always in your blog.its obviously your high quality thought skills causes.thanks to sharing for your awesome creativity post..very well done..may god bless dear friend.. @geetharao i pray to god always your great success in the furure and live long happily in your whole life with your happy family..

Perfect photography. I appreciate your beautiful creativity as you captured these photographs by using your smartphone.

I really love how the orange-red stem stands out. I haven't seen one palm tree that looks like that here in the Philippines. The one's that I see here, the stems are usually color green.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Have a wonderful day!

diindonesia is usually the palm tree that we see in the homes of rich people.

the new tree this time I saw it

This is Red Palm. I saw it at the airport of Colombo.

Red Palm.JPG


Yes, @nihar1969... This is the same, it looks... :)

The lipstick palm isa lovely, versatile tree which will add multiple colours to your landscape.

They are extraordinarily well-liked grownup in containers, as a clump, or a privacy screen.

However, thses all photography are extraordinary.
Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful palm tree @geetharao...nice shots

wow looks so beautiful... It is also known as the red palm and sealing wax palm.

So vivid and beautiful. Weldone on this

Hey @geetharao your shoot so much exclusive. Keep posting.
Actually i am new in steem so can you help me ?

Awesome photography your smart phone doing a great job.

WOW! The most luxurious aesthetic decor, I must say. But you people are fortunate to have so many palm trees in your region. This one has got pinnate leaves. I hope you would post some day a picture of a palm tree with palmate leaves too.

Our city too have some palm trees in tourist locations that were planted long back. Perhaps we weren't sure of their adverse environmental impact in those days. But now we see these as an environmental disaster. Palm trees consume upto 1000 litres of water everyday and you know how thirsty is the land of Rajasthan. With almost non-existent canopy, palm trees do not help in providing shade or to reduce the urban heat island effect. So these are not suitable in our place though hotels and resorts plant them to increase the aesthetics. But unfortunately, sometimes local authority to order some palm trees for plantation as they are so tempting.

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Nice Photographs @geetharao.

very beautiful and attractive flowers on the home page. I really like it @geetharao

wow such a smart photography all picture done so naturaly and become all picture more beauty full great photography job. wellfone dear geetharao (68)