Beautiful Orange Flowers! #Colorchallenge

in photography •  2 months ago

Hi my dear Friends... I had to go to the temple today, to give the Red Jasmine(Jaaji), which I plucked from my Garden and had made a Garland, for Lord Krishna ... :)

There in the garden of that temple I could see these beautiful flowers in Orange Color, though I don't know the name, theese flowers looked so beautiful in the hot sun...




Then when I went inside the temple, even Krishna's background was decorated in Orange color silk cloth! What a surprise!!


So... Orange Orange Tuesday Orange.... :)

These photos were taken using my smartphone Honor...

With much love and regards, @geetharao...

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Wow! These flowers are looking so beautiful. Geeta aunty! You have clicked these photos very clearly.
PS: I call you aunty because your son @firepower is of the same as I am. Please tell me if you don't like to be called aunty.


Hi @akdx... You can also call me as grandma! (because I am nearing 60).... I am a very simple person and not bothered about these things... :)


Ha ha! I will call you aunty. My mother's age is also above fifty.


Welcome... :)

I appreciate your beautiful choice for Lord Krishna. I think Lord Krishna likes Red Jasmine. Your home temple is looking very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your choice with us.

you are a very talented person.its express your everyday showing post and brilliant describing you select very good thing of god krisna and this colour challenge just always very amazing colour of various kinds colour and you choosing this colour. its just fantastic.obviously you capturing very good picture of your temple area..its really my heart touching..this is a very perfect shots dear friend.. @geetharao may god bless you..very well done for your great work..

Hi dear! In Morocco 🇲🇦 we have the same flowers but in red color!

Beautiful mam

wow! what a beautiful flowers in the sunlight @geetharao especially, these plant leaves looks like light in the sunlight which impressed me a lot.

On the other hand, Red jasmine, a popular species in the genus Jasmine is also the National Flower of Indonesia where it is known as Melati, and in my country, here it is known as #জেসমিন

So beautiful photography Green CLR and Red folower
I see your post every day, Your posts are good You write well I pray You can succeed in the coming life I'd love to meet you I will be with each of your posts That you will be a successful person one day You should work harder Thank you very much You can become a successful man God always keeps your family happy Always be happy

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These flowers are beautiful.. I also have them in my garden and it's called trumpet vine here

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Awesome the best thing is your taking the whole community with you,great to be part of you in steemit.

A beautiful climbing jasmine bearing perfumed sprays of bitter floom, to purple red flowers throughout summer against a background of bright inexperienced leaves. excellent on a sunny wall. Requiring full sun to partial shade this versatile plant appearance beautiful trained on a trellis in your house garden.

However, i really like these type of flower.
Spectacular view @geetharao
Nice captured

lovely pics @geetharao :)


Hi dear @nehab... How are you?


I am good. Just away from social media for a while. How are you, @geetharao ? :)

Nice photography @geetharao especially, i love gardening, instruments and flowers and i love flower frangrance which facinated me everyday.

Actually, True Jasmines have oval, shiny leaves and tubular, waxy-white flowers. The false Jasmine on the other hand is in a completely different genus, Gelsemium, and family, Loganiaceae, which is considered too poisonous for human consumption.

Extraordinary shot.
Have a good day.
Thank you.

Wow beautiful orange flowers and Krishna's background colors so lovely ....!

Beautiful flower photography.

Beautiful flower color . Great photography .

very good photography

very beautiful flower @geetharao

how beautiful the flower that is in the temple I am so adorable do not know what the name of the flower is the mother @geetharao

Very beautiful orange flower, you clicked it well ma'am..

Jai shri Krishna @geetharao maam

very beautiful flowers

Wow what a beautiful flower.i love the colour. But i don't know the name😄😄

Hello dear @geetharao I think it's a trumpet flowers. I also have this flower in a yellow colour 😊 lovely photos and very nice post 🌷

I am a lot of time see the flower...i a does n't know about mama say me don't touch it was a poisonous tree, it was blind your eye.