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Today , you will discover an amazing piece of artwork.
In my lovely neighborhood of Paris... Menilmontant.

A beautiful realization of the Alex & Nezim binomial where you can see a beautiful woman trying to push the window.

The gray-shade treatment makes it particularly evident.
A artwork a little mysterious to decrypt nevertheless, but it releases a feeling of fullness and calm

Take a look to this masterpiece

Localisation : 2 rue de la Mare, Paris 20th district.

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That is such a cool art piece love how they have developed it around the window awesome

Happy you like it ;)

Yes is such a great art piece , just in my street , they are great artist .
I will show you some other piece of their work ;)

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I followed you but trying to replenish my upvote a bit at the moment as it is drained

If interested check my page mainly shots around NYC of in Coastal Connecticut

okkk i understand :p
Yes i gonna take a closer look to your post , and of course, comment and upvote ;)
See ya ;)


Would love to see more street art where I'M from. This is pretty cool.

happy you appreciated and thanks for the upvote ;)
you know the rule follow me to see more ;)
where you from ?

Soo cool! Definitely will see this when I'm next time in Paris. Like fairytale :)

Thank you for your comment and upvote.

Yes you have the adress now ;)
If you like Paris , be sure to check my life night post , great and atypical places in Paris

and follow me for the next adventure ;)

Thanks for sharing, will definitely check it out! I've just posted my first post about Campania region in Italy, would like to hear your opinion!

Thanks , you are so lovely !
I promess i gonna take a closer look to it , let me 1 hour max ;)
and i come back to you ;)

Reminds me so much of taking the train off Manhattan, New York and into Astoria, New York. One the train came out of the tunnel and rose up to elevated tracks, the graffiti artwork on the buildings around it was awfully impressive.

Great find.

Oh bro' , happy you saw this post and thanks as always for the Steem force ;)
I wanted to talk to you about this post but I did not dare to disturb you :p
This place is just down stairs in my house.
It's a popular neighborhood of artist and anarchisst :p
Yes i know there's a lot of amazing street artist and masterpiece around and in NewYork
We have the same kind of artwork , graffiti , out of our tunnel in suburbs
It's great because very are impressiv and this is a great opportunity to take full eyes and time passes quicker ;)
I really really hope to visit NewYork particularly.


We talk about artwork, streetart , suburbs , so you have to look at my skillz , on the wheelz :p
Sratch daily training hahaha

it's my previous post y( eah i stay me and try to be actif :p hahaha)

Peace bro

@geemo-from-paris when I get out to Paris at some point, I need to check out your neighborhood. Just before I left New York, one of my favorite up and coming neighborhoods was Willamsburg Brooklyn. It captured the great rough edginess of the East Village before all the corporate chains moved in an took over. The images you have up remind me very much of that.

Ah so cool , but you right i'm pretty sure than you can find here the same thing as brooklyn, it is a one world culture.
I really appreciate your point of view.
Anyway be sure than you have a friend in Paris , we will see but it will be a pleasure to be your host in Paris , you can count on me , for real ;)
If you come in Paris ask for my number , i'm serious ;)

yo bro , excuse me but i need information ;) Did you use the chat steemit??? i try to connect but my official password dont open the door of the chat !!!
i have to registred ??? i dont understand !!!

@geemo-from-paris I do use the application quite a bit and usually jump on about once a per day. when you register, be sure to use your Steemit account username.

Are you still having issues getting on Steemit chat?