Altai the pearl of Russia - part 2. (Алтай - жемчужина России, часть 2) (featuring new author @litrbooh)

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Let’s continue the story about my journey to Altai. You can read the first part there:

Продолжаю свой рассказ о путешествии на Алтай. Первую часть вы можете прочитать здесь:

After we reached the mountain lakes, we spent two wonderful days there, enjoying nature and local wildlife. In the end, we watched a unique natural phenomenon, it was a solar eclipse. We rose on one of the hills to observe better.

После того, как мы добрались до горных озер, мы провели там два прекрасных дня, наслаждаясь природой и местной живностью. В завершении мы стали свидетелями уникального природного явления - солнечного затмения. Для того, чтобы лучше его наблюдать мы поднялись на одну из сопок.

The weather was cloudy and we were afraid that we would not see the main phase of the eclipse. But we were lucky.

Погода была облачной и мы боялись, что не увидим основную фазу затмения, но нам повезло.

It is really difficult to describe this miracle. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Описать это великолепие слова сложно. ЛУчше один разу видеть, чем 100 раз услышать.

Then we planned have a return trip to the river, where we were going to raft.

Дальше нас ждал обратный путь через перевал к реке, по которой мы собирались сплавляться.

After catamarans were assembled, we went on the river.
We rafted down the rivers Katun and Chuya, this combination have 5 Category of international classification for catamarans.

После сборки катамаранов, мы двинусь по реке.
Сплавляись мы по рекам Чуя и Катунь, такая связка имеет категорю 5 международной классификации для катамаранов.

Some approaches to passage the rapids were unsuccessful.

Не все прохождения порогов были удачные.

Nature didn’t forget to present great views:

Природа не забывала нас одаривать шикарными видами:

Thank you for attention. Look at my blog more stories and pictures:

Спасибо за внимание другие истории и мои фото читайте в моем блоге:

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Amazing photographs! Looks like a really fun place to get a workout, enjoy nature and find your spiritual peace all in one adventure!! :)

Not just amazing photography, looks like it would be an amazing adventure in itself.

It looks like the North American Rockies. I worked with a Russian engineer a long time ago and told him that I would just love to go to Russia and see it. He said "why, it looks the same thing as North America". I still haven't traveled there.

Great post! Thank you so much for sharing such experience with us. The pictures are also quite good. Maybe you'd also like my travelog in the Canadian Rockies:

Namaste :)

А там есть ли водопады!? Я из Швеции, но в сентябре поеду в Россию. Может и поедем в горы! Только, там нужны быть водопады!

Вы на каяках по водопадам хотите? Есть такие речки, но так как я на посудине по-больше сплавляюсь чего-то конкретного не подскажу. А вообще в начале Чуи каньон сложный - 6ка. Водопадов нет, но вода белая сплошником.

I suppose few will see this, but perhaps it will encourage someone. Both our countries (Russia and USA) are beautiful, both our peoples are beautiful. I hope somehow sharing the best things about our two nations wins out over fear and mistrust.

@jennamarbles I see this and it is a gorgeous sentiment. I whole hearted agreed! You have my upvote and you have a new follower.

Outdoor sports had a really crazy, just follow you :)

me or gavvet? :)

I want to experience,
Me and my friends play mountain bike

As such filth we ride a bike :)

Wath a beutifull nature...
This trip i actualy would have like to be a part off. Nice view of natur, and river.

The nature are quite simular to the nice nature in Norway. So this is realy a great post. Lock forwoard to more simular post from you. You get a new follower there mate ;-)

I think it is easy to underestimate the hidden beauty, we all travel but how much do we really experience? Thank you for sharing and opening my eyes to the possibilities!!

Всегда мечтал пройтись по одному из маршрутов-сплавов там.

Awesome photographs @gavvet Just start follow you.. Thank you

Thanks for your feedback. The photos in this post are made by me. You can see more of my photos in my blog:

Обычно во время похода/сплава сильно выматываешься. Ну и виды уже не так поражают. Так конечно здорово. Фотки не могут передать красоты тех мест.

Muy Linda Historia Gracias Por compartirla.

Es cierto, hermoso viaje, espero poder hacerlo algún día.

Фильмы хоть стали снимать на Алтае ! Красота фантастическая нереально!!

Привет, как я понимаю, это первый пост на русском языке в топе, поздравляю!!!

Первый? Ну тогда спасибо, за подзравления. :)

I heard the reason it is so warm in Russia is because it is high up and closer to the sun.

Those clouds at night, man. Elegant. What a beautiful country.

that's not clouds at night, its an eclipse... how many get to photograph that?

That is such a rare shot, congratulations for snapping it. Your pictures of the mountains were fantastic as well.

Thanks for your feedback. The photos in this post are made by me. You can see more of my photos in my blog:

beautiful place, I like your photos @gavvet
waiting stories ur journey...

Thanks for your feedback. The photos in this post are made by me. You can see more of my photos in my blog.

I really like traveling challenging water flow in the river , so beautiful scenery @gavvet

What a wonderful place, thank you for travel guys!

Wow another fantastic post. Your pictures are amazing too.

all photographs are just awesome :D

Great story

very beautiful country, thanks for sharing!

Nice pictures and thanks for sharing some of the beauty of Russia

i love russia

Это очень круто! Молодец! И конечно, лучше один раз увидеть...

Great photos of a beautiful land. Altai is breathtaking. Were you there in winter too?

Nice. I am currently just east of Altai (funny thing is that the place where I am is actually called Жемчуг - Pearl), between lake Baikal and Mongolian border, so as soon as I get around to posting photos of my trip, you could perhaps promote it too? There wasn't any interest in my original post (but it lacked any significant photography), and he landscapes around here are as beautiful as in this post if not more so.

Yes, in Russia beautiful nature. The richest country in the same time poor.

Классные фотки. Заходи и ко мне, тоже выкладываю фотки из отпуска в Крыму)

Altai is an extraordinary place! The mystical heart of Siberia. Thank you for supporting Russian-language writers. It is very valuable to me. Because many people have many stereotypes about us.

А как там рыбалка клёв был?

На озере нет, а во время справа было немного не до этого.

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