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This morning I couldn't go to the gym as I am still fighting off a germ that got an upper hand keeping me in bed for the whole weekend. I'm feeling a lot better, but I was not yet in the condition to do a lot of heavy workout.

Anyway, Leo was off on a week long field-trip to Koli nature park with his class. And when they got back on Friday, most of them had also caught the flu, including Leo. So while Leo couldn't go to school today, I was obliged to fetch him a couple of practice books for Swedish and English from the school office.

Having taken Miro to school first, I had one hour of time before the books could be picked up, so I spent it in the harbour taking some photos.

Pale pirate captain in spider webs.
"Pale pirate captain in spider webs."

Web of lies
"Web of lies"

Web of lies
"Web of lies 2"

Sumua satamassa
"Crow bro's on a paddle wheel"

Sumua satamassa
"Paddle wheel"

Sumua satamassa
"Fog in the harbour"

I didn't tell this to you beforehand, but these photos were all in reverse order, just so I could reserve a certain special photo from Yesterday for the last one:

Ninnun uusi kylpytakki
Ninnu's new bathrobe

Ain't she cute in her new bathrobe? :)

I think so too!

See ya later guys!

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Hi gamer
How are you ?
Wow ninu . Long time to no see ninu . You get well as soon as possible . But your all your photography is very nice . And ninu is so cute . Thanks for sharing @gamer00

oh get well soon sir :( Indeed Ninnu is looking hot in her new bathrobe :p get well soon take care of yourself:)

Hope you and Leo feel better soon! The spider web photos are amazing!!

Get well as soon as possible! I wish all the best!
And yes, Ninnu is cute in her new bathrobe.

Really cool photos @gamer00.

Get well soon you and Leo.

Hi gamer. Sorry to hear you guys are sick. Can't believe Ninnu's bath robe.

Hahaha! Love Ninnu in her pink bathrobe! She looks very puzzled and funny!
The fog in the lake is super cool!
That spider web with water drop is very delicate!

Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
Keep warm and sleep a lot!

Your photos are great, especially the ones in the web. Your dog seems like a tycoon or gangster!...😆

Great photography @gamer00.
Hope you guys feel better soon.
I think Ninnu's bathrobe is adorable.

Very nice to see you are filling better , took some awesome photographs and very happy to see sweet cute Ninnu with her new bathrobe that really looking so gorgeous, after long time saw Ninnu thats great.

Hope you are good now that's why we haven't seen any post over the week



وأنا أتفق!

Did the google translator get it right? :)

I am really sorry for hear your sick @gamer00. Hope you'll get well soon. Really lovely captures and wondering to see Ninnu's new bathrobe.

Hello Friend. how well you have returned to the ring ... as always with his great photographic eye, as they say in Venezuela, when I grow up I want to be like you, LOL

By the way we had a lot of time without knowing about Ninnu.
I told you this weekend I was at my mother-in-law's house and in her patio I picked some chiles and I was very fond of your chilli plant, in the photo they look small but in reality they are very big.

All the photos are are looking very good and yep she is cute with its bathrobe!

It's nice to see your photography again and I wish get well soon as well! Moreover, the last photography of Ninnus new bathrobe! It's truly beautiful and Ninnu looks pretty to that!


@gamer00, Nice photography. ninnu is looking nice in new bathrobe

Thank you for share with us.

Nice photography , ninnu is very cute in pic.
Get well soon

Beautiful in web looking like a person who is connected with his laborious work and life.can't be happy but can't get rid.lies web is looking like water crystals.

Cobwebs are very spectacular as a fairy tale.

wow great clicks and ninnu is looking cute in new bathrobe 😍😍

Wao very amazing photography.All pics looks so wonderful.Captain looks so unique,Peogen looks so beautiful.and the the best pic is ninnu's looks so cute dashing.thanks for sharing this amazing photography.

What a pity that contracted this flu, I hope that soon I recover 100% Leo, I recommend that you rest very well and a greeting from me for him. The image that I liked most was undoubtedly that of a beautiful Ninnu puppy and his beautiful bathrobe, it looks very beautiful