Finally got to editing.

in photography •  12 days ago


I finally got to editing some of the photos I took from our holiday trip to Lapland. Here's the first one I wanted to post. :)

The View
It was a bit dark already

I'll post more when I get others done.

See ya! :)

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Wow that's amazing! Nice photography and would like to see the other ones too!


The view is amazing. Just imagine what kind of fresh air there is and breathe freely. Thank you for sharing

Mikä kero?


Kultakeron huipulta pohjoiseen päin kuvattu. En muista mikä tuo suurin tunturi kuvassa näkyy, saattaisi olla Luosto, mutten ole ihan sataprosenttisen varma.


Todennäköisesti Luosto, koska etäisyys täsmää eikä muita vastaavia ole lähellä.

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A wonderful place that seems quiet I would someday visit Thanks for the picture @gamer00


What a good photo. It looks like a movie I saw many years ago. A trip to Mars.

Nice. And it look great i must say. You edit well then


Thank you!

Looks really wild.

sometimes I also like to edit my travel photos, but my edits aren't as good as yours,

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