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I wanted to get these posted before going to sleep...

Käpytikka /// Great spotted woodpecker
(Dendrocopos major)

I shot this one on Monday. The next photos I shot today (Tuesday) morning.

Pikkuvarpunen /// Eurasian tree sparrow
(Passer montanus)

Talitiainen /// Great tit
(Parus major)

Valkoposkihanhi /// Barnacle goose
(Branta leucopsis)

I hope you like these photos. :)

I'll post more photos later. It is very late now, and I've got a gym leg day coming up. Got to get some sleep.

Good night!

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Hi gamer. Glad you getting back into the swing of things. I like the wood pecker one. The red stands out on the tail.

The woodpecker is my favorite. I like to see him in action. The little round yellow one made me smile. Just like a yellow tennis ball. Take him to gym class. :)

I always like ducks, they have their own character. I find it challenging to get good shots of birds, but, I am getting better!

Thanks for sharing.

Nice pictures, these are unknown species for me. It's cool to see them and also reading their finnish names

It seems like today was a day for bird photography for you. I love birds, particularly domestic pigeons.

Wow those are amazing photography! Sharp and wonderful, nice to see these wonderful nature photo collection of yours!
I mostly like that photography #1


Good night. They are all quite colorful and lovely

I like the sparrow bird and captured very nice.

Calm looking birds. Nice shots.

Beautiful photography , sparrow and other birds are looking very nice

What a wonderful capture.I really like birds.All birds looks so beautiful.Very impressive collection.Thanks for sharing.

Awesome photography, second last bird is looking cute .

Wow amazing birds photography .