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This where I'll be later today - The beach, taking a walk, maybe having a swim, dodging sharks and then probably having fish and chips for dinner with my wife.

It's been hot here lately, not unseasonably of course, just typically hot - It's Australia after all. We're heading into November and, whilst it's not yet summer, temperatures tend to rise quite quickly here. My air conditioner at home has been going flat out and so has my solar array on the roof - Collecting all that solar-power goodness from the sun. Yay. [Keep an eye out for my report on the latest solar array figures my system has achieved in the next few days.] Image taken at Semaphore beach around the corner from where I live.

What isn't a yay for me is the fact it'll get really hot here in short order - We had 47°C here in January this year right in the middle of a 40+ spell that spanned a few weeks. Yep, it's shit! Too hot to do much but complain...But complaining doesn't help much.

I find it weird to read posts from people around the world who are breaking out their winter coats, photographing snow, changing the cars' tyres to winter ones, breaking out snow shovels and snow chains. Weird but welcome, along with all those amazing winter-photography photos people post.

I remember society before the internet; A time when one only heard about snow in the Aussie summer on the news, and only then if there was a massive blizzard in Europe or the States that brought things to a stand-still. These days we get to see what people choose to wear, their house or car covered in snow, or what warming beverage they happen to be drinking at the time - All in live-time. It's weird, but the way it is.

I think it's kind of cool though - The way the internet has made the world so small and accessible. Sure, there's stuff [and people] on there that I couldn't care less about but I enjoy being involved but detached with the lives of other people - Those I like and engage with I mean. Steem gives me that opportunity and I really enjoy it.

Now it's warming up here you'll see photos of hot days and the things that happen when it does heat up - From me and others, I guess. Beaches, BBQ's, swimming pools, kayaking, surfing, boating, shark attacks and other cool stuff...I assume those suffering through winter-cold will appreciate it [maybe not the shark attacks part] and be jealous in equal measure too. For me, I love seeing those winter posts, hearing about life in the cold, because it's so different to what my life is here - It doesn't snow at all here where I live and in Adelaide a cold winter is about 12-13°C degrees in the day time and around 1-3°C at night...So not cold at all by Northern Hemisphere standards. Bring on the winter-wonderland-posts and photos!

As someone who is not on Facebook or Instagram my only way to link up with people around the world is through steem.

I follow some great accounts here and am looking for some more so if you know someone you think posts great work, applies passion and personality in their blogs I'd like to hear about them. Comment on this post and tag them in so I can take a look.

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Hope the shark's don't have you for dinner be careful swimming out in that water.

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Well, I reckon I’d make a pretty good meal for a shark, tasty and filling, but I’d prefer not to get chomped on by one. Might ruin my day.

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Sure would ruin the day😲

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We get to see @welshstacker's busted windscreen; kicked in the junk by Jack Frost.
He gets to see us enjoying a cold beer at The Jade this evening :)

Haha-bloody-ha! Hope it tastes like piss. Warm, flat, piss..

Should be a good night for sipping on a coldie.

Please post summer heat pics when it gets hot there. It’ll be fun to read such posts in the midst of all the slush coming at us sideways. :)

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Copy that. Will do so 😀

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Beautiful sunset view

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