Spanish coast and a question 4 you..

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I´ve been in the south of Spain as a child many times. I remember the sea and the cliff my das was using to fun-jump to the water..
We had a lot of fun, but I always felt like the ocean was dangerous.. I know that many people love the sea.. and I also admire to sit there and look at it, but I prefer lakes or slow rivers, sweet water in general much more. How about you? Salt water or sweet water bath ? :)

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I love them both, probably because I am surrounded by fresh water. The ocean and salt water are usually a treat associated with a vacation or exotic travel. Sailing and swimming here are in the fresh water which is a bit better on the gear. So I have the best of both worlds really.

Coming from Turkey, I always loved the Mediterranean coast because the water would always be clear and pristine, no waves, no danger. I feel more scares and skeptical about lakes and rivers, because of higher possibility of snakes and frogs hahah.

Greetings from Cape Town :)

@zekepickleman aw that sounds awsome. Yeah.. the salt is a bit challenging from time to time but I also think many people connect it with vacation.. :D

@haritakurdu haha :D whaaat? it is so much the other way around for me, but that probably depends o the type of waters in each case ^^ the ocean is so wild for me, I feel like every secon some mutant algea is dragging me into the endless depth xD haha