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in photography •  last year  (edited)

Because of my ups and downs I haven't been really active lately (let's say for the past 6 months). I feel stupid that every time I feel bad, I leave things behind me that actually mean the most to me, such as steemit. I want to change this, and I'm trying to. So this will be my first step of my comeback.

This photograph was actually meant for a school assignment. I had some bad grades on the previous assignment so I had to redo it. This is one of those results. 

A lot of pain and stress went through me when realizing how bad my grades were, I live for photography and I really want to become a professional photographer someday, so I didn't understand how this was even possible, failing that one thing I lived for. 

I tried to pick up my strengths, put all the time and effort I had in this second chance they gave me, and yet I'm not really confident about it. But since I wan't to share what I've been up to, I wanted to show you guys this work. Feel free to give me some (positive) criticism and your opinion about this shot. 


                                                  Model & Mua: Ilkem
                   Photographer & Stylist: Gaëlle Spaas Photography (me)

© All rights reserved by me

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Glad to see you're back after months of absence.

I'm glad to be back as well!

Welcome back! I suck at sticking to things so I tried to make a more concrete plan (1 post a day, 10 comments, 10 upvotes), not sure if that would help keep you around longer ;)

Also you mentioned becoming a professional photographer, how would you know this goal is reached? If your photography netted you enough steem to support yourself would you consider that a success?

Thanks! I tried this before. It's just when I'm feeling bad, I don't have the energy to stick to a plan.

I would call myself a professional photographer when my work is good enough to make a living out of it. :)

Yes, that's the hardest thing for me as well, forming a habit for something where my previous motivation for writing was primarily mood-based. I found changing my setting seemed to work (at a library right now) and there might be a few other body/mind hacks to help overcome your sadness and perform even when you don't feel like it. That is, of course, if you want to.

Welcome back. I'm glad that you decided to post and try to come back to Steem.

The picture is beautiful...but it seems like the background is almost too dark. It's almost like it jumps out because it's so black. Well...I don't think it's technically black. I think it's black and blue. But it's still almost distracting. Maybe a slight shift in the contrast or curves on just the background might look better.

Thank you! I'm really trying and I hope to stay this time. :)

You're right about the background, I noticed it myself. I tried to lighten it up a bit but it's so dark that there aren't any details in there. So if I would lighten it up, there would be too much pixels of lost details. :( At least I learned from it to not make that mistake a second time. :)

Did you try anything like experimenting with any effects? Like putting a glow on anything or something?

I did, it's just that you get this posterized effect because of the lack of details.

Yeah, I was just curious if you had tried it. While I was looking at it, it went through my head as a possibility to experiment but wasn't sure if you could do anything that wouldn't mess it up.

I still think it's a beautiful shot.

It definitely would've been a possibility if I had a little bit more details! Thanks for the tips anyway! I'm glad you like it :)