One scene, three moods

in photography •  14 days ago

'A pleasant illusion is better than a harsh reality.'

Christian Nevell Bovee

I was playing with the settings during the post-processing. Choose your favourite!


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CategoryHDR landscape photography
SettingsISO100; 3 shots with different shutterspeed
CameraNikon D5600
LensNikkor AF-S 18-140mm; 3,5-5,6G
OtherLightroom edited

I would appreciate your feedback in comments!

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Definitely the first one. 🙂
The b&w edit gives me chills. Isn't it amazing how an edit can change the vibes sent by a photo?


That's my favorite, too. :-D
Indeed, the post-processing can change everything and you can send different messages.

Nekem az első tetszik, bár a harmadik is jó, csak annak kicsit retro feelingje van.

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No igen, mikor melyik hangulatában van az ember gyereke. :-D