A very colorful sea ​​buckthorn bush!

in photography •  2 months ago


Hi Steemians, do you know these delicious nature products like sea ​​buckthorn honey? This is a photo of the berries as base for these sweet & delicious products. It's a big and colorful sea ​​buckthorn bush in front of a house and I have taken this photo last Sunday on the Werder (Havel) island in Brandenburg.

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sea buckthorn is one of those miracle plant.. it's oil can be good for skin...


Yes its has many application possibilities.

Nice photographicy, It's a good picture but what is the name of this fruit. What is the benefit of these fruit.


The name of the fruit is sea ​​buckthorn and its used for many different products like honey, jam , lotions and many more.


OK ,thanks sir, it is so usefull

I have never seen these colorful fruits. I bet it tastes very good.


I have never seen
These colorful fruits. I bet
It tastes very good.

                 - putu300

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Yes it can be very delicious in honey, jam etc.

Dear @future24 sir!
It's a nice plant having delicious berries..it is useful with honey..

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