Flower Basket I Made Last Night

in photography •  29 days ago 

While waiting on some paint to dry I decided to make up a flower basket that was needed for a glass table. I found an old pot and washed it up. Then I put a brick in the bottom for weight. The basket's job is to keep the wind from blowing the table over and breaking the glass. Next I grabbed an old piece of white packing foam from the garage. Works nearly as good as that green florist stuff and the best part is it's free. Cut 2 pieces of that to size and fit it tightly in the pot. Last came the flowers. One big white one, 2 big red ones, 3 medium blue ones and 6 small blue ones, and finally 6 pieces of green leafy stuff. These are all used flowers that were old and falling apart. I washed them all up and kept the good ones but I didn't have 6 blue roses so the other side of the pot is 6 small blue carnations. Total cost of this basket: 0. It was all old stuff I had around.

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