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Great, villagers! Nadys visited the village alone, from the tsar-city of Moscow is nearer. The fragrance of the Russian land breathed a deep breast, and everyone got acquainted with the living creatures. I'm also hurrying to present it to you.
On the first photo you can contemplate the queen of the local birds - goose. Loud woman, I want to say, screamed like a catechum all the way, frightened off uninvited guests (ie me).

country geese

Mosquitoes and all sorts of other reptilian blood-suckers were devoured mercilessly, but got himself eggs of chicken, guinea-fowl, and quail eggs (from sick birds, apparently: can there be eggs so small ?!).

chicken eggs guinea fowl

I saw enough of the different goats that were begging me for something.

goat in the village

And one small and pretty little goat was furious all the way, galloped, tore the bark from the birch, demonstrated everything it could.

goat photo

And this is an old turkey. She is already 6 years old.

turkey photo

She has not gone for a long time, but she is engaged only in hatching eggs. All birds that you see in the photo, it was she who was the mother-bird

old turkey

From time to time she prikolno swelled. The regularity, because of what she fell into such a swollen condition, I never found.

turkey in the village

Photo of the trinity. To immediately it was clear - this is a love triangle. Utyak - a burning brunette with a crest on his head at first crouched behind a brown duck, and as soon as she sat down on eggs, she turned to white. There's such a peredimonokol, comrades.

ducks, rustic

The aunt is cursing, but he seems to be, like not in business: "Honey, I'll explain everything to you!" :)

ducks pictures

picture of a duck

That's the kind of village life that is not easy and full of her dramas.

goose photo

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