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Experimented here with macro shooting the back side of the lens. For the experiment took Canon EF-S 18-55 f3.5-5.6 IS.
The GRIP was extremely small, because it was impossible to control the diaphragm from the carcass of the camera.

The increase was 2.23 times (for an entire width of the matrix 22.3 mm (for the entire width of the frame) an object with a width of 10 mm).
Look, that as a result at me it has turned out.

The wheel of the lighter Zippo.

The Zippo lighters

50 kop.

50 kop. 2009

Head of the Legion mini skull of the skeleton.

The head of the skeleton. Minifig. Lego.



Crop macrophotograph of a thermometer.

Crop photos thermometer

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nice post amazing photography

Подписалась апнула.

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