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Nature reminds us about itself
by sending its messengers

We visited friends in Bangkok and during our staying there unusual and special thing happened: very big black turtle came inside the yard of the house, perhaps trying to find some shelter. Usually in our country and as I know in many other countries in Asia, people say and believe that it is a very Lucky Sign (or omen ?) when some wild animals come to visit people's home! Like some birds or other creatures, especially in such a huge city as Bangkok.


Turtles are even more rare visitors and therefore like many people think them as Special Luck. Because turtle is very "shy" animal which usually loves privacy, seclusion like a monk or hermit and perhaps even concealment. Also they are very slow to move around and walk than some other animals like cats or dogs or other pets or especially than birds. Also turtle lives a long life, somebody say up to 100 years or more, which also makes it more special comparing to other animals. In Asia people eat turtles, that's why it is more difficult for them to survive for long enough time to grow to such a big size and age. Probably such a Big or can even say Giant Turtle was trying hard to hide and survive. If it really lived whole life by itself, not as pet in some people's house, in such a big city as Bangkok so much crowded with people who may want to catch it to sell or even to kill and eat. May be it is more correct to say Tortoise? Because it looks like it is more used to live on the land than in the water.

All of that makes this unusual guest very rare visitor and really Good Luck Sign! :)
Especially because it came in by itself, not purchased on pets' market or given as gift and brought by someone. Some people even pay big amounts of money to buy turtle and keep in house as pet "for Luck" and for money. They don't mind to pay expensive price for big turtles like this - which cost more, because they are more rare - they take many years to grow to such size.

Therefore I have decided to share this photos with Steemit Community here, because I really feel excited to have chance to meet such unusual rare friend in the middle of gigantic megalopolis with many millions of humans! It is like Nature's reminding that still there are some other creatures and living beings all around us - even though modern technology, pollution and animal cruelty make it harder for animals to live near to humans. But may be animals can feel when some humans are more friendly with them than others and therefore choose that house to take shelter from dangers? I think so and want to believe it is true!

Please see photos below of this cute, brave, adventurous Turtle. :)
(these are all original photos, made by ourselves on smartphone
not copied from anywhere on internet!)


















Please comment: what do you think,
what's your opinions about it?



These are classic and appealing :-)

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Seeing this photos and readibg an article made me Lucky !

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