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Queen Sirikit Park - Nature's Oasis in the
very busy modern technocratic mega-city.

Part 1: The overview; layout, design, arrangement

Queen Sirikit Park - bench near bridge

We have made these photos during our visit to this Botanical Garden couple of years ago. It is surely a very nice place to see and walk in, to enjoy the views and calmness of the Nature in the middle of such a giant modern city as Bangkok!

It is actually called Queen Sirikit Park, located across the road from the "JJ Mall" and pets market, in the same area as Chatuchak Weekend Market aka JJ Market - big tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is just a walking distance from Mochit BTS station (Sky train) and Chatuchak Park MRT station (Subway), through Chatuchak Park. Also it is not far from Mo Chit Bangkok Bus Terminal (Northern and Northeastern directions), on the same Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road.

In our too crazy modern human civilization which is too much focused on technological development and advancement - it becomes hard to find some corner to be near the Nature, especially in big cities. Air pollution, noise, garbage, too many cars, buildings, roads, metro, railways, raised tollways, expressways, airports, malls... Too many things - and all of them are man-made! Artificial creations made of steel, iron, cement, stone, asphalt, plastic, glass, aluminum and many other materials - already "disconnected" from Nature or artificially produced. Everything is build on the place where used to be some wild natural environment: uncovered soil, grass, trees, rivers.

Now all that is covered by many layers of construction materials and sometime it is difficult to find even small place where is a real soil or mud is in open. Just to touch it little bit, to feel the Mother Earth and her Energy, to feel the connection with her. Even more rare are places where is some Natural scenery like trees, flowers, plants, insects, birds, animals. People make some parks, public gardens or just some playgrounds - but most of them are too pitiful, too small, not very healthy, as if pressed too much from all sides by all those artificial things. It is not so easy to find some good park in the middle of big city - where can see the beauty and feel joy, like feeling re-united with Nature!

Therefore it feels very nice to be able to find and visit such places where can relax and recharge our batteries. Enjoy the photos and the mood which they give: Peacefulness and Life energy from the growing living things! :)

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand -
big portrait near the gate

(from Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road side)
HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand

Queen Sirikit Park sign at the entry

Queen Sirikit Park sign

As sign says

Queen Sirikit Park - Department of National Parks

There are many nice walkways and ponds

Queen Sirikit Park inside

Lovely bridges over calm streams

Queen Sirikit Park - bridges

More bridges ...

Queen Sirikit Park bridge

Lawns are taken care of nicely

Queen Sirikit Park lawn

... and bushes are well trimmed

Queen Sirikit Park bushes

Trees are very well kept

Queen Sirikit Park trees

Flowers planted in geometrical patterns

Queen Sirikit Park patterns

... and more patterns

Queen Sirikit Park - array

There are always some park stuff taking care of plants...

Queen Sirikit Park - stuff takes care of plants

... and doing various maintenance work

Queen Sirikit Park labirinths

There are quite a lot of seedlings prepared to be planted ...

Queen Sirikit Park - seedlings

More seedlings in nursery ...

Queen Sirikit Park - nursery

This park is popular place among students and youths...

Queen Sirikit Park - students like to visit

... Couples and love birds enjoy it too!

Queen Sirikit Park - lovers like it

Some Just stroll around to enjoy the coolness under trees...

stroll in Queen Sirikit Park

... alleys are not so crowded

Queen Sirikit Park broad alleys

Green walkways and paths

Queen Sirikit Park lanes

Can easily find some private spot to take rest on the grass...

Queen Sirikit Park privacy

Many people are taking photos ...

Queen Sirikit Park visitors

... and it is very pleasant thing to do! :)

Queen Sirikit Park - close to flowers

thankfully not many people around to discturb ! :)

Queen Sirikit Park - taking photos of flowers

There are some artfully arrayed stones

Queen Sirikit Park - stones

... and more stones with giant tropical plants

Queen Sirikit Park - rocks

... and yet other stones with some cacti plants

Queen Sirikit Park - rocks & cacti

Actually whole park although not so large as some other parks in Bangkok - however it has a lot of things to see, so much that can easily spend whole day there! Till light is already too dim for making photos... :)

Queen Sirikit Park - fountains

Therefore I think will need to continue this story in another blog post later.
Thank you for visiting and reading! Please stay tuned for continuation ...



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