Punta Arenas beach, an idyllic paradise

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Margarita Island is the Pearl of the Venezuelan Caribbean and has a wonderful collection of beaches. One that I usually visit is Punta Arenas, 1.5 Kilometers of calm and crystalline waters, which in communion with its fine white sands, result in an idyllic place, ideal to enjoy in the company of the family.

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This heavenly place is located west of Porlamar on the Macanao Peninsula. Representing the westernmost point of Margarita Island, it shelters local fishermen, their huts are distributed along the beach.


I keep beautiful memories of the pleasant moments I spend with my family on this beautiful beach. When I remember my visits, the first thing that comes to my mind is the dreamlike landscape that can be enjoyed by sitting on its warm sands facing the sea. Its blue waters harmoniously unite in a hug of love with the infinite blue sky, the sensation of serenity that caresses soul is simply wonderful.


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Technical information

CameraPentax * istDL
Lens Pentax 18-55
LightingNatural Light
Location Punta Arenas Beach, Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State, Venezuela

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