The State of Things (Original Photograph)

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I haven't been posting as frequently. Last night, I went to the store, though, and wanted to share my creative outlet.

Corona is never in bad taste!

All the toilet paper is gone, but nobody is buying Corona beer. There was, apparently, a study that found a huge number of people are avoiding Corona beer because of the name. So, you can't get TP, but you can get a great deal on beer.

These next photos were taken from my phone, so the distortion is... special.

Free Frozen Air

Fortunately, I had purchased enough frozen vegetables and toilet paper before the panic set in. Here's what the store looked like, yesterday, when I went in to buy a few staples. Fortunately, there was yogurt. Some of the other items will have to wait until they're restocked.

Time to invest in a bidet!

There were no frozen veggies left. Fortunately, I still have enough for a week or two in the freezer. I also bought a pack of toilet paper last week. Only a small pack, but it's all I needed. Looking at the store shelves, it looks as if people thought they may never be able to buy wipes again!

Here's hoping that people will stop panicking and start using their heads again soon!

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



Hey, when you get a sec, join up with the hive.
Too much infighting with the new owner of Steem so most people have moved to hive or double posting :)
Oh and just incase you don't know, your same Steem $ wallet is over at the
hive and you use the same sign in info. I think you said you use steempeak...they even moved to the hive (I forget how to sign in for steempeak on the hive). Actually all the coders moved over to the hive.


I've been so crazy busy, lately. I'm trying to figure out Hive now, but I'm not exactly tech-savvy, with these types of things. I can diagnose a camera failure or explain what settings to use in a given situation, but getting on Steem was confuisng lol.

It is interesting how so many people are talking about toilet paper and there is none in the stores. I went on Friday night and some of the shelves looked like this too. Mostly the frozen and bread sections.

My state just closed all dine-in restaurants, bowling alleys, gyms, movie theaters, etc. We can still get drive-through and take out.

Is the beer really on sale? That’s the thing about the tp fiasco: you have to buy it too or there won’t be any when you actually need it. Someone is making good money.

I'm just glad I got some before they were all out. The six-roll pack will last me quite awhile, as a single guy. I didn't find Corona on sale, despite the rumors. I still bought a pack for photography, though!

Oh my.. it's worse than here.

My state (Minnesota) just closed all dine-in restaurants. We can still get take out or drive-through food, at least. There goes my morning coffee routine...

hahaha love your humor!!!



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