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RE: Autumn's End (Original Photography)

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Howdy! THe enclosure was created by the same guy who designs the enclosures at the Minnesota Zoo in Minneapolis. The fencing is not electrified and doesn't look nearly strong enough, but they haven't escaped yet. I'm sure he knows what he's doing, and the wire is probably plenty, but if a bison decided to charge me on the other side of the fence, I'd still scamper. There are cattle guards on both ends of the road.

This was the second time my vehicle has been licked by a bison. One was licking road salt off the back bumper of my old Ford Ranger (R.I.P.), and I had to rev the engine to scare it off. My guess is that road salt isn't the safest thing for them to ingest. The big lady that licked my Jeep bumper on this occasion just took a wet-slimy swat and then went on her way. Maybe it's the difference between metal and plastic bumpers? lol


Haha! It sounds so funny to have them licking your car! But that road salt makes sense. Yeah I'm not sure it would be okay for them or not, sometimes they add chemicals don't they?

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