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It's been a long couple of weeks, here. I finished a drawing fo a poetry-artist collaboration last weekend and didn't have much time to get out and shoot. On the way home,

The local photography club assignment for this month is "country church." Instead of driving straight back from Rochester, I took a roundabout way and found a couple interesting specimens.

Double Dose

This pair of churches, somewhere near Faribault, MN, was an interesting site. I didn't figure out why there are two in such close proximity. The sun was fairly high in the sky and the entire place melting and muddy, but it was fun to walk around and get some photoss of this odd pairing.

Wide Angle Pokey-Tops

I'm not even sure what the denomination was. The smaller church has been converted into a meeting space, so I'm guessing they built a slightly larger one to accomodate a growing congregation and kept the older structure. Looking in the windows provided a view of long tables with chairs.

God's a Patriot?

This one was just up the road for the last two. It was a nice structure, but surrounded by trees and electrical wires, so getting a more interesting photo was not possible.

"Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!"

This one was a fun one. It is much to wet to get any further out into the field, but the composition came out nice. This one is somewhere between Clear Lake and St. James, MN.


This one would have been the perfect subject, if not for the power lines running along the road. I had to step into the field to avoid them cutting through the field of view, but that meant not being able to see our solar system's star setting beside it.

Church of Orange

There is still no word about whether the poet-artist collaboration event will happen or not. Schools have been cancelled for the next two weeks in Minnesota, so that educators and staff can plan distance-learning options. Major sports events are closed. Universities closed or considering closing.

And if I wind up with a two-week quarantine? Well, I have drawing paper and enough food to survive. I even have enough toilet paper, despite the hoarders... if only just.

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



Oh, high 5 that you have toilet paper!! lol I had seen a toy crane machine where they took out all the toys and filled the machine with toilet paper! I thought that was a great idea lol Great photos too!

Lol, I like the crane. If I had seen the TP thing coming, I could have bought a bunch of individually-wrapped ones like the hotels use and sold them on the street corner for $5 / roll. lol

My state of Minnesota just closed all dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, etc. We can still get take-out and drive-trough food, but wow. This is getting interesting.

Will be interesting just how many people that speed and get pulled over for a ticket, all the sudden have a fever and cough just to watch the cop yell, "it's a warning this time" and go back to his vehicle. lol

One thing I always thought was interesting was all the straight lines up in South Dakota and Minnesota. You can be on a street and it be completely straight with all buildings lining up so nice like in that one pic. Here in Tennessee I had never seen straight lines so perfect because of all the mountains and hills. They're both pretty churches. I like the second to last one with the field in front kind of blurry.

Yeah, it's weird here. People just set things up on a grid because it's easy and there's a lot of space. When I lived in Spain, there were all these angled streets and odd intersections, because they were built over medieval city plans. I miss seeing those oddly-shaped buildings on the corners of narrow streets.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! These are a really great selection of photos, I love the country church scenes! Very well done. I was listening to an expert on viruses today and he said it was going to take 3 to 6 months for this one to run it's course!

Guess we'll find out. My friends in Spain have it much rougher than we do here, although Minnesota did just close all dine-in restaurants. Ugh.

My friend in the Canary Islands can only go outside if she is on the way to work, to buy groceries, or going to the hospital. There are stiff fines for being out without a reason.

Well at least the restaurants are still delivering or have their drive-thrus right? That's the first I've heard about the Canary Islands, sounds like they're shutting the place down. Smart move.

I haven't heard about Spain either, they have lots of cases?

Great shots, the 5th one with that light is beautiful!

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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