Frozen Falls in Bitter Cold (Original Photography)

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While I usually try not to post two similar sets of photos back-to-back, I decided to take a look at Triple Falls again. The temperatures have dropped to well below freezing, which is when the small waterfall freezes up completely.

Mother Nature's Sculpting

The way droplets tend to hit the same spot appears to be behind these ice blobules, but that is just a theory. It would be fascinating to create a time-lapse of these structures forming. Most photography equipment isn't rated for use below freezing, though. Even my 7D has an operating range of 32-100 ºF (0-38C), although the same model was used by explorers in Antarctica on expedition.

Old Man Winter's Nose Hair

The camera may be only be rated to freezing, but my hands have trouble even in the low 50's. When I was a child, they got frostbitten and the circulation is terrible. Having two hand warmers in each glove helped substantially, but the middle finger on each hand still got very cold. Today, they are still slightly numb. I'll be looking for new gloves and glove liners before trying this again.

Biting the Block

Those of you who read the previous post may remember the trash beneath the falls. I brought a bag with me, this time, and picked up all the tealight candles and half-burned book that the unscrupulous fools left there. The book, for anyone interested, was "Two Kinds of Truth," by Michael Connelly.

Anyway, with the garbage gone, the frozen waterfall is much more beautiful. If I hadn't been shivering and unable to feel my fingers, I might have stayed for some light patinting... Maybe when things warm up a bit!

Earlier in the day, I went to the main waterfall at Minneopa State Park for a few photos, as well. It felt even colder than Triple Falls, because of the cold mist churned up by the falls. The result of that mist is pretty spectacular, though!

Lets Go Skinny Dipping!

It has been the wettest year on record for many parts of Minnesota and, consequently, this larger waterfall is still gushing. It will be awhile, yet, before this one freezes up completely!


Things like this are amazing to see in person, but you have to be very careful with the cold. If anyone wants tips on cold-weather photography, let me know. There are also some good resources online.

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



Your titles never cease to make me smile :) Incredible photos too!
Hey, you might want to look on Amazon for the heated gloves. They are pricey but I bought a set for someone and they love them. Me, I've always used the heat things that you shake for portable heat, then run for the vehicle and sit on my hands until the heated seat warms them.
Thanks for taking one for the team again and braving the cold!!

I may have to check out those heated gloves. I wasn't even five when my hands got frostbit, but the circulation problems have never gone away. One more reason to move back to Spain. No luck finding a señorita for the marriage visa yet, though.

Lol, I like the senorita idea :)

You can heat your hands and charge your cell phone too!!

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Beautiful photos, Mark! 😍

Incredible photos, as always! They are quite spectacular. Good luck finding a pair of super warm gloves. And thank you for cleaning up the trash that others leave behind.

Thank you! I think @steem-samiam is onto something with the heated gloves. As long as they don't short out and shock me, anyway!

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Oh wow.. a magical world of ice.

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Beautiful photography amazing

Beautiful world of ice and snow!

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