A Little More Ice (Original Photography)

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Yesterday, I had to return to Mankato. Friday was incredibly busy and setting away mesages for my work phone and various email systems had slipped my mind. So, I drove the hour-and-a-half back for fifteen munites' quick work on a day off... It wasn't a wasted trip, though!

Not wanting to head home right away, I went to see how Triple Falls was weathering the recent warm-up. We have had temperatures almost up to 50 degrees (10 C) and water is, again, flowing through the gorge.

Nature Makes a Point

The ice structures were actually larger than when I was last here, because of the daily thaw and nightly freeze. This first image looks like nature's version of a stained glass cathedral window, with a blob-covered altar in front.

Chilly Bum Massager

Speaking of blob-covered, this formation was in an interesting spot. The overhanging icicles had actually fallen and shattered in this spot. Going beneath the falls for photos on a melty day may have been a tad reisky....

Fangs! Cold fangs!

Last time I was here, I cleaned up the votive candles and burned book that were left behind by a disrespectful visitor. Not willing to leave the place unsoiled, someone left a beer bottle behind. I wonder if it was even a day after I picked up the last batch of trash... I didn't have a bag this time, so I left it behind.

Sad Waterfall Face

The water resuming its flow behind the falls does some interesting things. Here, the water hits a rock and fans out a bit, cutting what looks like a frown through the ice sheet that had formed earlier.

... and no wonder it's a frown!

Have a seat!

Is this a deer stand? I couldn't tell. It looks like a mangled piece of metal to me. With all the carvings in the rock behind, you can tell how respectful people are of nature. At least there weren't any beer bottles with the metal whats-it. This is where the juvenile delinquents usually get drunk and leave the remains of their campfire and bottles in the summer months. There was no way to get that chunk of metal out of the area, either.

Still, the waterfall's ice is quite spectacular. This last photo is a close up of some interestingly-shaped icicles, with great lighting.


Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



Outstanding! Yup, outstanding :) Love your chilly bum massager...made me chuckle :) Love you taking one for the team to get these amazing shots because I bet the trek down there was daunting too :)I hope you had a great Christmas and that you made the family wait for dinner until you took more awesome photos lol.

Thanks! I hope you had a great Christmas as well. It's gotten "warm" here, so it was actually a bit dangerous down by the falls. One of the huge icicle clusters had broken and shattered and others had cracks. I'm careful, though.

Great shots, as always! I'm glad we're not covered in ice over here, but it's beautiful!

It's all melting, here. We had a wave of warm weather come through and have been in the 40's. It may be awhile before I get to test the new snowshoes.

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beautiful pictures!

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Howdy sir fotosdenada! Great job on the photos, some really cool and interesting formations! The roller coaster weather is good for something! How's work going?

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