Migle (BW version)

in #photography6 years ago

Canon 5D mark III + Canon EF 85mm f1.2

If You also have some questions about photography/retouching, just write a comment!
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Instagram: @mindaugasnavickasphoto


Exif: 1/200s f8.0 ISO100

Canon 5D mark III + Canon EF 85mm f1.2

Retouch: Lightroom + Photoshop


Wow! so clean and beautiful

damn this pic looks intense !

Nice photography

Wow awesome post. I really like your picture. Thanks

Wonderful picture. I suppose that you invest a lot of time. Shooting and retouch...I'm sure a couple of houres.
Thank you so much for this amazing picture :)

she is very gorgeous and erotic.... also great photography... keep it up your clever work....

I really love the photography work you share. Keep the spirit of work. Hopefully his works can inspire the lovers of photography art.

Can you tell what she is thinking about?

Lips are perfectly brilliant. I like it!

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