RE: 7 DAY BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE #Day 7 💭七日黑白照片挑戰 #第七天

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7 DAY BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE #Day 7 💭七日黑白照片挑戰 #第七天

in photography •  2 years ago 

I will go there alone because I would like to see my hk friends including you :) yeah many of Koreans usually buy Darlie toothpaste as souvenirs... I don't know why they buy that... how can toothpaste become souvenir?? I'm really curious too haha.

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haha you'll have a lot of fun in HK then!!! XD
ohh many Korean said the toothpaste could make their teeth brighter (better than other brands)!! hahaha well I have no idea at all if it works ;ppp