A Witch in My Garden: "Surprises in the Garden - Photography"

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Hello Dear Witches...!

This week has been quite busy at home, the birthdays of my mother, my father and My Mathias, have put me to work extra in the kitchen, although to tell the truth this is something I love, because to see the happy face of mine when they are eating something they like, is also a gift for me, are those faces of happiness that I will really wear the day that is no longer on this plane. I think the extra work left me a very strong laziness, and a block to write, so I have dedicated myself to give a little love to my garden these days, because the weather had not allowed me to do it weeks ago.

But as one thing is what we think and another very different (sometimes), the one we do, I found this Milky Tree Frog (Trachycephalus typhonius), this frog had days appearing on the steps of the garden, and even my brother told me that he had seen her in one of the water tanks, imagine that the jump I gave, when I could notice her between the tomato and cotton ball plants, was nothing normal, apart from the scream that accompanied him, however, she behaved very well and let herself take some pictures. It is common to find these frogs, in rivers of little flow, gardens, and ponds, it is of tropical climates, so it is probable that I will find other specimens like this one again.

Reviewing one of the pots I also found a small shell of Clausiliidae, the truth is that I have never had the opportunity to see these small earth snails alive, I always find them so, they are also called Door snails, really is little information that I have managed to get about these little ones, however, I love how I get this picture, and the fatal touch that adds a remnant of some bone, is a somewhat gloomy image, in my opinion, but I do not stop liking the composition itself.

A Umbrella Paper Wasp was visiting the small flowers of the cotton balloon, that already begins to show some balloons, it is good to have seen only one specimen, because I really fear a little wasps, at home we are allergic to all kinds of bites, and that they are near Mathias gives me a bit of nerves, however this does not take away how beautiful these tiny wasps are.


Remember the tiny nymphs of the cotton-weed killer bug? Well these have been growing and they are all adult bedbugs, I really think they are beautiful, must be for its striking orange color, the truth is that I really like that color, unfortunately I have seen just a couple of these, I was hoping to help me fight the aphids that I have seen return to my cotton plants. As you can see, not always a walk in our garden is so boring, but surely it is always interesting and even educational.

Our environment always has surprising gifts for us, we just have to keep our eyes wide open not to overlook them!

Images of my property, taken with the camera of my iPhone 5s phone, without editing.

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Awesome shots! Its looking perfect. Thanks dear for sharing.

To you for the support!

Frogs and bugs really are cute up close! Really nice photography, @fmbs25.

They are beautiful in photographs, because having them very close is something disgusting hahaha.

They are beautiful in either case! :)

What an adorable tree frog 💖💖💖

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She's cute in pictures, but I don't think she's adorable hahaha, they really disgust me!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Whole of the creation is beautiful ...only if one has eyes to recognize that!

Aw, that frog is a cute little guy! For a moment I thought he was in your kitchen!

Noooo, in the kitchen I die!! hahaha can stay in the garden, but not inside the house!!

Fantastic pictures! Frog is definitely my favorite!

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It's the most beautiful image, the clarity of the details makes it look great!

Neat photos, nice story too, I liked and upvoted them all @fmbs25
(last night anyway) ha ha ha
well done

Lovely photos from frogs to bugs!
Looking closer there is beauty in even the smallest creatures!
Thanks for sharing!

Frogs terrify me since I was a kid. Can't remember how it started. Anyway nice photos and the color of the wasp is unique. I guess they could give a very painful sting if you get too close or is it a bite.

Howdy fmbs25! wow, those are some awesome shots! That Milky frog is very unique, it's incredible actually. lol..wonderful post!

Lovely photos, tiny creatures are so underrated. It's cool to know someone gives them proper appreciation :D

I really love animals, although some are really unpleasant to me, but I think they are all necessary for balance!

I like that tree frog. What a unique color

The photo was really good, I think it's his best angle hahaha.

Thanks for sharing!

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