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Here's a quick project I did over the past weekends. It is a small diner in the style of Silent Hill.

It is a small diner in the style of Silent Hill. I used Blender and the new EVEE realtime renderer. I wanted to use an atlas for textures with a treatment to make them feel like old compressed ps1 textures. All models are really low resolution. I used Davinci resolve to color grade a bit.

Compressed artifacts ridden textures will throw you back to the ps1 era.

Simple boxes with a volume shader in enough to create atmosphere in the scene and Evee render it pretty well.

What about those blinds? Simple planes with alphas of course.

Low resolution mesh for ps1 glory


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I'm shocked at your work, look at those dimensions! o.o' congratulations

Glad you like it Saray!

Good job mate. Interior designing is something which can make wonders if execute properly. It is actually a special talent. Your works looks great. The video though only for 30sec is ok to watch.

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Thank you pal, I'm getting better I think!