Just chilling in Marsa Alam on the Red Sea.

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Since we're still waiting for the summer here in Poland I want to go back to my recent trip to Egypt - and take you with me :)

We went to Marsa Alam - a typical resort town on the western shore of the Red Sea. To be honest, we only wanted to eat, sleep, sunbathe and repeat after quite a busy period at work - nothing fancy, just chill.

This was the first time I saw such a landscape - breathtaking and a little scary.

At that point I knew we made the right choice when booking the resort. Don't mind the outfit - my favourite plane top plus a random skirt I pulled out of the bag after landing and realising I will melt in my leggings. Yes I have a plane top. And plane leggings.

Now if that's not a room with a view then I don't know what is. I fell in love with that little patio instantly! This was also a very quiet part of the beach, so we enjoyed hanging out here even more. Funny thing - we did not check the sunshine hours and we were shocked with the beach time starting before 6am and finishing at 6pm :D


Ok, doing nothing is heaven on earth, but when you have the opportunity to ride quads through the desert and visit a Bedouin village for a nice cup of tea you cannot say no. The insane amounts of dust require this stylish contraption.

I love driving my car, but this is far from similar. O M G.

And finally - the most important part. The food was perfect - fresh baguettes and omelettes made to your taste for breakfast and all that jazz. But what caught my attention were the desserts.

Lord have mercy. Whatever you desire - fruit, chocolate, pastries...

The portions were tiny, but no one said you can't take seconds. And thirds...

I did take many more photos - we went snorkeling, visited a nearby port village, played beach volley and overall had a great time. However, my photography skills are very low, so the footage would hurt your eyes ;)

I hope you enjoyed this little journey!


Kasia @fluff

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Very appetizing!

Wonderful, trip. i am also a traveler, i am following you. keep it up good work