Good photo. I like the quality of the light. You must get a lot more than a golden hour there.

short and very correct

That is a breathtaking view. Did you take the photo or are you the one in it?

I took the photo, I share this account with my SO Oana, you can check our our adventures at

I'll take a look at the site. Are you professional photographers? is that how you're able to travel around (if you don't mind me asking)? Both my husband & I would love to, but, due to health issues (not going to detail those), it makes it difficult. Even without that, we could only afford to travel a little at a time.

We are not, we do this as a hobby, I (Cris) take the pictures and Oana writes the articles. Our life passion is traveling and we use all the money we earn at our jobs to travel. We are lucky that we found each other and we both share the same passion. Our dream is to start making money out of the blog and afford to travel full time.. but we are a long way from there :)

It sounds like you're best friends. My husband & I are as well. We have so much in common with our interests, views, beliefs, I joke that we're practically twins. I do hope that you'll be able to realize your dream.

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