To achieve sustainability, BDO must be self-reliant, ie self-reliance, sustainability will be achieved.

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Borendra Development Organization (BDO) is located in the center of Barindra in the greater Rajshahi district of the country, Niamatpur, Manda, Raninagar, Naogaon Sadar, Sapahar and Porsha (Naogaon), Nachole and Gomstapur (Champai Nawabganj), Torna, Chargaon Puthia (Rajshahi) A non-governmental voluntary organization working in Natore Sadar and Baraigram (Natore), Akkelpur (Joypurhat) upazila. Varendra area is one of the most backward, communicative and semi-desert areas of the country.


To achieve sustainability, BDO must be self-reliant, ie self-reliance, sustainability will be achieved. The organization considers sustainability and self-reliance as a complement to the same simple line, ie, at the same time. No company can achieve sustainability without self-reliance; On the other hand, institutions capable of fulfilling the conditions of sustainability can be self-reliant. BDO has been born to develop as a sustainable organization and is progressing step by step. His employees' skills, organizational discipline and capabilities are being developed. Together, the agencies will ensure the most reasonable use of their own resources to achieve self-reliance. The organization is making efforts to improve staff efficiency and to improve career-based and internal management on the one hand, while on the other hand, moving forward towards self-reliance ensures the proper use of attracting and receiving external resources. A larger organization will be formed under the leadership of poor people, through which their access to local resources will increase and their access to governmental private resources and opportunities will increase. A worldly outlook will be created to overcome the isolation between the fate of people and the lack of confidence. As a result, social inequality and superstition will be eliminated. In the area of ​​khas lands and ponds will be occupied. Most of the team members will live a life of self-reliance.

The public will be aware of the prevention of trafficking of women and children and the spread of AIDS. Reduce addiction in the indigenous community and will cultivate and promote their zealous culture. Involvement will be reduced and communal harmony and harmony will develop. They will be able to take part in local administration and be sure to enter the official office court. BDO will continue to try to ensure the right to housing the poor people in its area of ​​work and as a result most people will get the address of safe haven. At the same time, by establishing credibility through regular communication with the civil society and government officials, the organization will become self-reliant. The agency will adopt its own income-generating activities to achieve self-reliance. Using the BDO Training Center, there will also be benefit through earning money. After all, the provision of satisfaction provision of primary stakeholders and associate stakeholders is one of the key criteria for self-reliance. Therefore, the company will decide the question of self-reliance and stability through its work. Like us, the social system of developing countries is plagued by diverse problems. Poor people, especially women, children and indigenous communities, who are negatively affected by all problems. These negative reactions, ie exploitation, deprivation, negligence and rights, are constantly being thrown into the abyss of problems. But the problem is where the sources of solution are also there. However, unity and conscious efforts of the poor can create solutions to most problems. If the poor understand the cause of the problem, if they are united to solve it, they can solve the problems themselves. Here is a memoir of a monk that is memorable, "freedom is the realization of compulsion." The problems of the poor determine their duties. According to the agency, he will hand over the phases to solve all the problems. One problem with each problem. Any issue that will take place beforehand will depend on the real condition of the area and the capacity of the organization. There are some strategic aspects of implementing each issue, which will enable the organizations to properly define them. In that case, the question of renovation of the existing law structure can also be seen. The problem and the duties are much but can afford less. The organization will determine the strategy based on the real capabilities and will continue to firmly stepped in to the rights and development of the people in the area.

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