Sorry ... I have a question ... do you live in your van or are you just traveling at the moment?
The sunset is fantastic 👍

Hey 😀 we bought our van 3 months ago in England and have been living in it since haha but our travels are coming to an end so looking to sell soon

ok and how is it to live in the van? I ask because my husband and I are thinking about living in a camper or caravan.
We want to live more freely and not spend so much on a permanent home.

It’s an experience that’s for sure quiet a few nice places we have noticed have a 2m height restriction gate into them which sucks, but we didn’t get a high top van so we were pretty safe, we’ve done it for about 3 months in our little van but if I was doing it for long term it would be better to get a high top long wheel based type of van then convert it. What we have done is pretty simple that suits our needs for such a short period of time