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I do miss this place - Batam Indonesia

in photography •  2 months ago 

haha! Yes, a lot of embassies have terrible hours like that. The french consulate in my town is famously open for only 2 hours a day and the guy that runs the visa desk is infamous for being a jerk. HE'll reject your paperwork if he doesn't like your staple placement, then somedays he doesn't like you stapling the document, and prefers a paper clip. There's a crease in your paper work, away you go! its bizarre. I know someone who spent two weeks going back daily to try and get a visa for a weekend in france for a wedding.. didn't make the wedding because of him in the end.

I hope he's not still working there. I hear embassy jobs can be pretty sweet though.

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That's crazy that one person can have so much power. What a dick. At least submitting online is impartial.

The girl here was super nice and I don't think she had much else to do cos it was pre-approved within an hour. Hopefully I can go back today and pick it up.

yeah he was notorious. A complete jerk. That's great that it was approved so quickly. If there is one trait that most Indonesians share, its that they are very nice (in general - there's always exceptions lol).