Polygala Chamaebuxus - Shrubby Milkwort

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Polygala Chamaebuxus

Spring is here and I have photo of beautiful flower called "Shrubby Milkwort" or "Polygala Chamaebuxus".
putke in.jpg

Polygala chamaebuxus, the shrubby milkwort, is an ornamental plant of Polygala genus in the Polygalaceae family. It has white flowers with bright yellow stigmatic lobes, and is native to the mountains of west-central Europe. It was known to be grown in cultivation in about 1658 and was illustrated by Carolus Clusius.
Several varieties are also cultivated, for garden use, including 'Grandliflora', whose flowers are purple-red and yellow.


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lovely flowers

lovely flowers

Amazing...I am in love with the flower


You commented on my post just to self-vote. You didn't even upvote my post. Flagged.

me hizo acordar a una flor muy conocida aca el ceibo

Interesting post good work keep it up

Hola @fbslo
Muy bonita la fotografía y la flor.
Ciertamente; como señala el amigo @rafagonzalez es similar a la Orquídea que se da en nuestro país Venezuela.


Buena foto...En Venezuela tenemos una parecida llamada Orquídea...Tiene más de 40 mil variedades. Florea en mayo.

Picture of the day.... :)

Great shots dear @fbslo, what camera did you use to get the shots on the snake and nature? Incredible scenery, colours and very well composed keep up the great work!
Go ahead your creativity photography.

nice colors, good capture!!

Beautiful and Nice Click. What's your camera you are using? @fbslo

So shrubby

bello ese contraste de morado y amarilo. bella flor. buen Post.

Very nature:)

Beautiful flower very good post with great profits would be fantastic to obtain a profit so poria solve many problems with that amount of sbd regards


I love nature and trees.

wowww! I am speechless..its just too much beautiful.

This beautiful flower is useful in in treatment of cancer, migraine, skin infection in Ayurveda.

nice nature love you blog vote and follow you...

What a beautiful flower looks like a shoe called, no doubt nature is wonderful. Spring is undoubtedly synonymous with beauty and happiness.

awesome photography, sounds a very experienced and professional click, good job. @fbslo

Beautiful photography I like this thank you for sharing give me upvtes @emrankhan

My springs flower

beautiful picture..
i think picture of the day..

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Its very beautiful

Foto yang indah, saya suka dengan foto dan postingan ini @fbslo

thanks for the #name of flower @fbslo .20180220_155502.jpg

Piękny kwiat, zdjęcie też dobre.

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Beautiful flower, I'm never seen before