Flower Photography

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Hello, Steemians.
It's time for some FLOWERS!!!
Some of this photos are new (today), some are few weeks old.
I use Nikon D3100. All photos were taken in Slovenia.

Some tulips...

Another beautiful flower, I don't know the name.

And one bee...


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lovely spring

I always love flowers. In my balcony still have some blooming flowers. Thanks for sharing some nice pictures.

great to see your nice flower photographs

great to see your nice flower photographs

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Really beautiful shots!

I like the "One Bee!". It looks really beautiful!

Nice shots! Now is the perfect time to make some more with this beautiful spring weather.

Nice click and photography.......i will follow you for more post.As i am also photographer so your post is helpful for me.Hope sir @fbslo visit my blog also....

wow awesome photogaraphy,i like this folwer..

nice post

nice post

Nice photography,,,,

flower power, very nice. Ty go slo :)

Beautiful flowers!!! I like your publication. Thanks for sharing. Regards!


These are beautiful pictures and I love the way you captured the bee in the third one! Fantastic photography! Thank you for sharing with the community.

Hello @fbslo. Nice pictures. Wanted to share some flowers from Florida USA I took yesterday.20180421_183859.jpgthe first one is a dessert rose. This blooms most of the year here20180421_182921.jpgthis one is hibiscus. Please excuse my hand. Just starting taking pictues

This is flower in coffee garden, we use flower as pollinator for farming
1 (1).jpg

Hai..@fbslo amazing post😍

Nice your flower photographs

I like your post

Hello, everything that comes from nature is extraordinary, the flowers you publish are very beautiful, they are exemplary. In my country, there is variety, of them, they are also very beautiful, the orchid among others.

Happy wednesday yellow!! beautiful photos! I would like be your friend.:)Looks my tulips, they just grow up!https://steemit.com/life/@naika/mis-tulipanes-my-tulips