Beautiful sunset around the world. Photography by @Faysaljoy

in photography •  4 months ago

One of the best natural scenic scenes of the world lying on the western sky of Sujimama.After falling in the horizon of the sun once from yellow to Orange,from orange to red,Different color variants lost in the horizon.During the sunset, the sky's diverse color exposition goes on.

The orange-pink-purple color clouds,In the movie in the sky, all around the color.The color of this touches the heart.Do not ignore the beauty of the sun, there is no any human mind.Bright colors during sunset,Huge shadows,And in the dance of light The natural monument became alive.

The beauty of the sunset is not the language of expression see it,feel it.Sunset is a scene it's stability is very low, but they leave a lasting impression in people's mind.Sunset beauty awakens,charmed,thinks. So just watch the picture of the sunset in the camera lens, see the sunset in your own eyes.

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Nice sunset shot! I really like how you captured it. Thank you for sharing it.