Beautiful game between green and green Photography by @Faysaljoy

in photography •  5 months ago

People need oxygen to survive, which gives us green plants. And if this green did not originate, maybe we could not have a golden dose of gold. We could not see the birds' racket

We could not see the morning light on the green ga strings. We could not believe that the cover of the doctrine which can be muffled, some of which are the ones that mumble. We do not want to burn the dry pot of rain like a free grain. The green bakah road in Daktamana field, which runs on an ATMO

The last thing we can say is that we need a lot of green and healing to survive, which encourages us to live in

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Saying from the heart is very good. I was fascinated to see your post.

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Natural beauty ... Love this green Worl... Thank you