beautiful landscapes

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What a natural landscape
beautiful, mountainous area contained
high mountain, big and blue
mountain there is a stream flowing, the water
clear and fresh.
In the mountains
In the morning the air is in the mountains
very cold .The air there is still clean and
fresh.Because not much mixed with
pollution.Embun and fog still cover
green leaves leaves. The sound of birds that bird
Twitter sounds very beautiful
As the sun begins to emerge, all
residents in the mountain region began
do the activities, some go to
rice fields, harvesting tea in the tea garden, washing
clothing in the river and others.Activity activities
as it is already familiar in the area
And when the sun begins to set
all the activities of the inhabitants of the mountains
finished.The bright sky color change
become yellow.But the beauty of nature
in the area pegununggan still look really
beautiful natural scenery, yang
is the greatness of Allah SWT and we must be
grateful for the blessings of form
beautiful, and obligatory landscapes
preserve and preserve it I hope you like with my post thanks


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