Bosque La Mucuy Alta, Tabay, Merida, Venezuela, beautiful place July 2018

in photography •  4 months ago

Hello friends of steemit, I want to share with you these photographs of a beautiful place called La Mucuy, located in this land blessed by providence, as it is Merida, in Venezuela.




You can see in the beautiful images a forest that almost emerged from a book of poems, this forest is characteristic of a medium to high montane humid forest, corresponding to one of the almost 22 life zones that exist in Venezuela, this country is characterized by find almost all the climates of the world in one country, as I mentioned in other post, here we have from snow to beaches in just 9 hours of difference rolling in your car or motorcycle by road.

20180329_143637 (1).jpg






If anyone reading this post comes to visit Mérida, Venezuela, do not forget to visit the place La Mucuy

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