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The view from our house 🏠 was captured by me. The combination of blue and green are just incredible. The bluish sky 💭 and greenish tree 🌲 mix with each other like they are playing with joy. 🎉


When I sit alone and get bored, I like to take pictures. It's the picture of building view from my room window.

Thanks for reading...


what a nice view it is. Whats the name of location?

Thank you so much 😊 The location is Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Beautiful pictures :)

Thanks a lot... 😊

wow nice view 😍
too good photographer
keep it up

Thank you... 😍

Presentation is praiseworthy

Thanks sis... 😊

Very nice captures.💐💐👌👌👌

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the nice foto!

Thank you... 😊