Every body should have a look (photographs of data darbar)

in photography •  6 months ago

Asalam o aleikum. Dear readers and followers today i show you some photos of shrine of Data Ali hajwery knowen as data ganj bakhash. A saint of subcontinent.







I hope you like these images...

This is spiritual place. Every muslim should visit such places once or twice a week to release stress of work places home and other tensions. Visiting such places keep us bind with religion. May Allah bless you all. Stay happy always and remember me in your prayers...
#islam #dataalihajvery #religion #saints #muslims #Pakistanicommunity #Pakistan #Lahore #photos #spirtual #place #relaxingmind

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I can see only men enjoying spiritual freedom.


Women also visit this place but their area is separate so that they could offers prayers easily


I am glad to hear that! In other cultures prayers can be offered together.


In islam its no so.

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nice photos