Traveling to Say Goodbye

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Airport Thoughts


I am currently sitting here waiting to board on my plane to Oregon to say goodbye to the woman who taught me many things. I have been really busy this week, which I think has been a good thing, because I haven't been able to really realize she is gone.

I am really grateful for a supportive husband and family that didn't hesitate when I started looking for flights and hotel. They know how much she meant to me. I am grateful for her family, and the excitement they have to see me, even though for most of them, I haven't seen them in nearly 20 years.

Photo By Me: Below = Inversion / Above = Clouds
Photo By Me: Breaking Through the Clouds
Photo By Me: Mt Horn in Portland Oregon

A Few Hours Later

As I flew to Oregon this morning, I had a few moments of tears shed. It became real to me that I really will be saying my goodbyes to a mom in my life.

Luckily her oldest boy was on the same flight as me on the 2nd flight, so he and I have been catching up all day. It was nice to have a car buddy on my way into Klamath Falls, I will be on my own driving back to the airport, but it was nice having someone to talk to on my way in. It's crazy how you can not see someone for 20 years, and jump right back into the same conversations as before...just more wise and more seasoned with life.

I hope I am ready to tell this beautiful woman goodbye....this is going to be very hard.


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I’m very sorry for your loss, @faitherz33. Saying goodbye is so hard. Hang in there

Your post caught my eye. I grew up in Oregon and flying home is always emotional. I love flying in over the mountain. (Mt. Hood, right?) And reading about the reason for your trip took me right back to my trip there for the same reason 21 years ago. Our loved ones do live on in our hearts and memories. I hope that is some comfort to you.

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I am really sorry for your loss @faitherz33. I have learned that family sometimes may not be blood related, but through connection and togetherness.

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I'm sorry about your loss @faitherz33, often distance and time doesn't matter, its the memories that is most important.

Beautiful photography

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My thoughts are with you, I am sure you will all celebrate her well, sending you love and strength for these days ahead xx

Thank you all! I sure appreciate the love and support!! This year has kicked my tushy!!

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