EYESO Featured Artist: Gunnar Heilmann

in photography •  3 months ago

Gunnar Heilmann’s work deepens the possibilities of capturing light as a main subject in the world of digital photography. With a background in engineering and innovation, he transcripts this approach into rendering pictures in single shots with minimal treat in post production.

Light Painting by Gunnar Heilmann

The long exposure photographs deploy light both as a tool and as a subject. This technique, called light painting, influences the viewer’s perception of the environment, often creating new sculptural forms, scales and atmospheres and transferring them into landscapes and deep, whimsical portraits.

Light Painting by Gunnar Heilmann

By using light as an instrument, Gunnar’s reinterpretation of motion in space is turning ephemeral choreographies into drawings and transforming imperceptible moments into visual stories. His methods appropriate tools such as fiber optics, fire and torches, juxtaposing natural and artificial elements by manipulating the aperture during the shot.

Gunnar is based in Berlin, Germany.

Light Painting by Gunnar Heilmann

Learn more about Gunnar Heilmann and see the full gallery of his photos on eyeso.co.

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